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Multiple Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for Free or Minimal Cost

It takes courage and dedication to start your own business, but not much cash. Technology has made it possible for you to open your own online fashion store. And better yet — you don’t need any experience to get started either!

Lofty ambitions are often hindered by financial restrictions. But with dropshipping or the avenues below, starting a business has never been more affordable. All the tools you need to start selling online are at your disposal—and they're practically free.



1. Poshmark

Poshmark is a simple way to sell fashion online. There are beginners as well as seasoned professionals who sell retail and wholesale items on the platform. On the Poshmark app, you are able to register for a free account. Start by selling things from your own closet or your spouse and children's closets. Listing a product is very simple. You want to make sure that you have good lighting before you snap a photo of the item you want to sell with your iPhone or Android device, fill in a description, set the price, and you're done! The app is free to download and use but there is a fee after an item is sold.

Also, if you use code RUGGEDROSE when signing up for your account, we both get $5 after your first purchase! 


2. Mercari

Mercari is another app and a fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. List your item in minutes. Sell it, ship it, and get paid. You can sell or buy almost anything. They have a huge selection of new and used items, so don't worry about having to get new items. Some of their categories include fashion, toys, shoes, and electronics. The app is free to download and use but there is a fee after an item is sold.

3. Stylevate

Stylevate is a passionate network of friends shopping and sharing style with friends. As a Stylevator, you can earn money by doing something you love and already do.
How does it work?
1. Become a Stylevator - So many benefits! Exclusive shopping window, insider prices, and your own mobile store to start earning immediately.
2. Stylevate Yourself – Shop curated, chic looks from well-known fashion brands that we call drops (because the merchandise “drops” in and sells out).
3. Stylevate Others – When your friends ask, “Where’d you get that?” you can Stylevate them in just a few clicks and earn 20% on anything they directly buy from your mobile store. And if you think your friends will like certain items in the drop (whether you bought them or not), simply share them (text/email/social) and if they buy, you still earn 20%.
How to earn even more
Everyone knows someone who would make a great Stylevator—think another city or state! Onboard new Stylevators and earn 5% on anything they buy and sell. Insider tip: for people who trust your style instincts, you’ll earn more by keeping them as customers instead of Stylevators.
Giving is always in style
A percentage of sales from each drop will be donated to a charitable cause our Stylevator community cares about.
Everybody wins
Women have a fun gig opportunity in fashion, brands get mobile and personal, and customers get styled by people they know and trust!

4. fibi & clo

fibi & clo is a direct sales opportunity that allows users to sell their sandals with zero investment. Fashion Ambassadors earn 15 percent commission on sales, plus additional commission when they build and support a team. Ambassadors are paid once a month via PayQuicker and when you sign up for this opportunity, you do have to supply a credit card number for incidental expenses.

5. Teespring5 Ways to Start an Online Fashion Boutique for Free

Teespring allows creative types to design their own t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, totes, throw pillows and coffee mugs. Create an account for free and then start designing items for sale.

I have zero design skills, but I designed this t-shirt which costs $26.99 and for every t-shirt that is sold, I would earn $8.60 profit.

Payments are made via PayPal or Payoneer. With Teespring they give you a free storefront which you're able to promote on your social media profiles and email.


6. Depop

Depop is the creative community's go-to mobile marketplace. Shop unique clothes, buy and sell your sneakers, streetwear, vintage pieces, and share your style. Buy, sell and discover fashion from the most inspiring community of creatives in the world Listing an item for sale is always free. If you sell an item, Depop will automatically charge you a 10% fee on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs). Other small charges apply, depending on whether the transaction was a Classic or a Wallet one.


7. J Elizabeth Boutique

J Elizabeth Boutique is a direct sales company that sells printed tees, sweatshirts, and tanks, as well as accessories for women, men, and children. Right now when you join, your first month's fee is waived, so you can sign-up for free. After the first month, it's only $10 per month. With this opportunity, consultants earn 20-25 percent commissions on sales, plus additional commissions for building a team.


8. SQN Sport 

SQN Sport is an affiliate opportunity where you can earn a 20-25 percent commission on activewear for women. With this opportunity, you don't receive a website, but you can sell on your social media channels, blog, or at pop-up shows. While this program is free to join, they do put a $400 hold on your credit card for merchandise that is used at pop-ups, and the hold is removed once you return the clothing. According to their website, “you’ll also receive monthly newsletters with special promotions, content, and codes that you can adapt for your own marketing efforts”.


9. Offer Up

A mobile app that allows you to instantly connect with local buyers and sellers! Buy and sell everything from cars and trucks, electronics, furniture, clothing and more. The app is free to download and use but there is a fee after an item is sold.



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